After months of perfecting and fine-tuning each trait, your newest product is finally all set to enter the market. It's time to plan a new product launch party for your most awaited product. Your product launch event is an ideal chance to present your newest item to customers, investors, and influencers. Effective new product launches build serious hype around fresh items to improve primary sales and develop your company's image. And that's when event organizers in Chennai come into the frame. But what is Event Management?


Event Management in Chennai means administering and planning massive corporate or occasional events. The scope of a function includes organising different activities related to informal and formal gatherings, businesses, sports, arts, family functions like wedding ceremonies and birthday parties.


The main formula for a perfect event execution is careful planning and more persistent effort.

We at Birth Marque believe the agenda to be our Holy Grail – diving into the meticulous information of an event, be it locations, licenses, and permissions to professionals or total on-website management. Having our foundation as a passion-driven Event management company in Chennai, Birth Marque has rapidly built its core competency in managing and arranging corporate events in the area. After establishing numerous new product launches for MNCs and SMEs, Birth Marque is ranked amongst the top event management companies in Chennai.


Working in the event management field has assisted us in becoming one of the best event management companies in Chennai who always offer seamless vivid experiences.

Presently, Birth Marque have diversified their administrations to include Integrated Marketing, MICE, Innovative Solutions, and other administrations in addition to being the best corporate event management company in Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Gurugram and with execution abilities ranging across the country.


When we initially started, our major concern was to focus on corporate event management which eventually set us as one of the best event organizers in Chennai. Our vision was quite basic: Birth Marque wanted to be established as one of the top corporate event organizers in Chennai.

Our plus point is careful planning and precision to the point. Customers appreciate us for our commendable in-the-moment thinking and presence of mind that assist us in customizing our administrations easily.

We are rapidly ascending amongst our rivalry, proving our fortitude as popular event companies in Chennai. Moreover, in the field, we strive to set our standards higher and keep working towards it. We discovered our calling in making ecstatic memories for individuals that would endure forever. En route, Birth Marque developed to have a bigger and newer objective. We understood that our style needed to be changed if we somehow to be viewed as the leading event management companies in Chennai.

We will persistently try to be technically advanced. We will persistently try to develop. Furthermore, we will persistently try to make exceptional experiences.


Our Event professionals will deal with each parameter of the new product launch planning procedure with your input and guidance. They will satisfy you by talking about the vital aspects of your target market, your item, the reputation you want to present, and the appropriate sort of function. After ascertaining your budget and needs for the function, they will put forth various hypothetical alternatives for you to tailor and review the function to perfection. Our event experts will save your time and lessen your expenses since they have significant expertise and experience needed for planning new product launch functions. Our professionals will keep up the design and concept of your function in addition to every aspect of execution, planning, travel arrangements, catering, marketing the function (promoting) documentation, and transportation on a whole. Being one of the best event management companies, hiring us will be an incredible idea since we already have strong connections in our event management industry for venues, caterers, performers, musicians, rental organizations for chairs and tents, and different types of entertainment. Moreover, we also have the required experience to conduct an effective new product launch and make sure of the memorability of your item.


New Product Launch – Binge-watching an advertisement on TV announcing the new product launch, for example, the launch of a new soft drink or a new gaming console launched by a prominent organization builds a requirement in the brains of the watchers to attempt for the item. How is this need or want to be generated? The response is very simple, through a successful new launch of the brand or product.

The introduction of any item is not required to be simply in the form of ads. They can be launched to the commercial world via big or small new product launches, press meets, or conferences.

In the present competitive era, such new product launches are very significant for the marketing of the item introduced and likewise are extremely vital marketing tactics. A new product launch is a historic event for any organization where its item makes a debut into the industry after years of dedication and hard work by the professionals involved.

We, at Birth Marque, understand the significance of the new product launch and know that such events are extremely emotional for the employees and companies.

While planning for a new product launch, Birth Marque comprehends the requirement of the organization to build the reputation of the product much above its opponents and make an ever-lasting mark on the brains of the individuals through the new product launches. The event executors and managers at Birth Marque are highly creative and passionate about such new product launches. They are well-trained to keep up with each aspect of an item introduction from the planning phase to the final phase considering the vital aspects of the item, market segment to be focused on, image representation of the budget, and your product with persistent input and guidance from the organization.

We, bring the best corporate event organizers in Chennai, are well-aware about how to effectively handle your needs to maintain the focus on the social message of your item and rejuvenate with our creative styling and technical experts. Trust us to introduce your fresh product without any hassle and make the best results ever.


Based in Chennai, Birth Marque is a one-stop-solution for all your conferences and events. Our event management company focuses on offering top quality and customer-focused event administrations. Our unique methodology with incredible combinations of Event professionals, AV specialists, and proactive support ensures great outputs for your function.


Birth Marque is one of the leading corporate event organizers in Chennai. We assist you in managing your functions within your financial plan. We arrange your events based on its reason, for example, ceremony, festival, corporate or personal convention or party, etc. Our event management services refer to a complete procedure like scheduling event dates, budgeting, reserving, and selecting the event location. We can also help you in arranging parking and transportation facilities, and help you in setting a motive or theme for the occasion. If in case, you require a spokesperson, we also arrange that. Catering services, adornment of venue, event security, and support are also offered at affordable rates. Our team of experts does their 100% to offer excellence in the administrations for the advantages of our customers and to satisfy their requirements.


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