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MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Know what business organizations are looking for these days? The three basic things: How do I improve my efficiency levels, boost sales, and build a faithful client base?

Accordingly, these are the top three thoughts in every entrepreneur's brain. Business owners are an exceptional variety, have working hours that normal individuals would recoil from, utilizing all of their resources into their dream, their vision, and persistently seeking for approaches to improve.

Mobile application development can be numerous things. It tends to be an easy approach to gather data, to do banking, play games, communicate, to monitor your shop, and to interact with your local organizations. Entrepreneurs with the knowledge to embrace this advertising channel showcase their ability to comprehend where their clients are and efficiently and effectively engage with them. The step towards mobile isn't new, yet the capacity for business organizations to choose a promotional channel like this is. Firstly, let’s understand what Mobile Application Development mean:


Mobile application development refers to the creation of software expected to function on cell phones and optimize benefit from those items' hardware and unique features.

The kinds of mobile applications that software designers make are HTML5 applications and hybrid applications. This growing and prolific industry has attracted organizations from every side of the industry as customers gradually move towards mobile applications rather than desktop computing.


Being one of the best app development companies in Chennai, Birth Marque creates incredible mobile applications that are user-friendly and feature-rich to the core. The mobile application development administrations we provide are multi-dimensional, gathering knowledge from various viewpoints on technology, business, innovation, end-users, and many more.

  1. Android App Development: The vogue in the business industry and all over the globe makes android app development an incredible alternative for your business needs. Being one of the best android app development companies in Chennai, Birth Marque is famous for it’s simple yet amazing User Interface (UX/UI), stable performance, and rapid loading time apps.
  2. iOS App Development: iOS apps are famous for setting new standards in the mobile app development field. A simple interface with a fresh idea is what iOS applications are all about. And being one of the best iOS app development company in Chennai, our expert team of iOS application development is the perfect choice for you.
  3. Cross-Platform Mobile Applications: Mobile applications that function on various platforms simultaneously provide you with a broad spectrum. Known as one of the best app development companies in Chennai, we leverage the best innovations in cross-platform mobile apps, for example, Xamarin, Ionic, etc. Also, Birth Marque balances features, clarity, and responsive interfaces in all its apps.
  4. Flutter Application Development: Flutter applications are multi-platform applications loaded with high performance, delightful UI, and responsive design. Being known as the best website design and marketing company, Birth Marque has an expert team that will assist you in saving cost, time, and resources while offering you aesthetic native applications.
  5. Progressive Web Applications: Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) takes a break from conventional web application development to enlarge on a responsive feel. Being accredited as one of the best app development companies in Chennai, Birth Marque through its PWAs makes it simple for you to install and link them and offer you an engaging application that is perfect for all your business solutions.
  6. React Native Applications: React Native Applications have a simple interface, are unique, and offer affordable business solutions according to your business requirements. Being the best android app development company in Chennai and having experience in creating top-notch native applications, our team of React Native application development will assist you in changing the makeover of your business.


Our strategy of mobile application development is to make life easy for customers and to excite them as well. Repeating on the Minimum Viable Product our strategists and developers continue refining mobile applications for flawlessness. The accompanying steps will say everything:

  1. Icebreaking: Thought and the expression of thought are two different things. Icebreaking step gathers all the desires of our clients at one place to understand even the tiny details from our customers, and to plan for an innovative and creative mobile application development procedure.
  2. Explore and Realize: When the ice melts it's the best time to solidify thoughts into reality. Exploring the possibility of the thought, it's wireframing, technical restructuring, and UX/UI considerations follow straightaway. This happens with consistent customer inputs and interaction at every phase.
  3. MVP and Testing: Testing is the act of refining the mobile application development procedure. Models are fixed, tested, and tweaked with review and the cycle continues endlessly to show up at the perfect Minimum Viable Product.
  4. It’s Showtime: It's time to deliver the mobile application into the checking waters of the industry or market. With open channels for reviews and with the strategy of adaptable mobile application development, Birth Marque applications sail smoothly in the iOS App stores and Google Play stores.


The mobile application can incorporate a wide range of different sorts of loyalty programs. Each of them is developed and designed to make your customers return quite often and invest more. Bonuses can be utilized in different manners, including layered levels, which offer your customers the motivation to progress up your different levels, offering the ones at the top extra perks. Also, there's gamification where bonuses can be granted to winning customers, and the capability to remunerate your customers for pre-defined actions including sharing a notification or picture that helps push your main concern. One mainstream game is the scratch-and-win highlight, which functions for both merchants and end-users.
Characteristics including integrated food orders, coordinated shopping baskets, and representative scheduling enable a business to house these critical elements of their virtual footprint within the application. All organizations might be able to improve representative engagement with built-in scheduling programming that permits workers to be told of their timetables progressively, and to consistently have access to it on their cell phones.


Change your business ideas into mobile apps with Birth Marque. The mobile application development field is one of the most technically demanding spaces in the business today. We, being one of the best app development companies in Chennai design mobile applications for different platforms including iOS, Android, and cross-platform arrangements in PhoneGap, Xamarin, etc. Our mobile application development team possesses a long streak in delivering quality and foolproof applications in the iOS application stores and Google Playstore. With the prestige of being the best website design and marketing company, we also offer custom mobile application solutions to re-establish any setbacks in your regular business.
Birth Marque has an expert team of designers and developers who have rich experience in mobile application development that satisfies client prerequisites. Our balanced and well-constituted team of quality analysts, software developers, business advancement managers, marketing specialists, etc. can resolve any inconveniences that can emerge from the initiation to the conveyance phase of your mobile application development. Directly from prototyping to wireframing the MVP, Birth Marque work closely with their customers to fuse their significant data sources.


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