Public Relations

To stand out in an exceptionally cluttered industry, organizations are required to be present on each possible platform. Over the past couple of years, the number of brands has expanded exponentially which further expanded the need for digital Public Relations companies.

Whether you are a previously established business or a start-up, digital PR agencies can assist you in getting featured in the industry and create a positive image of your company. Public Relations services not just assist you in creating a positive reputation, it also acts as the hero, in case of any crisis.

Pretty much every sort of business requires digital PR services to improve permeability and to keep up the company's reputation. Through a positive digital PR strategy, digital public relations agencies build trust and make a positive image for the company.


Public Relations more usually known as PR have diverse benefits over customary marketing. It can be utilized to develop the organization as well as for crisis management. With proper arrangement, Public Relations or PR can likewise end up being ease for a low cost per reach strategy for advertising. As the timetable of Public Relations isn't fixed, arranging different activities around it gets dubious. Another challenge that organizations encounter while utilizing digital PR services is the absence of "Public Relations Worth News". Media houses do not carry news that is already covered or ordinary. Relevance for the readers and new news become significant in figuring out which News will get conveyed as Public Relations and which ones that wouldn’t make it to the cut.


Public relations a leading digital PR consultant in Chennai, Birth Marque has developed its image on successful procedure, persistent invention, and enduring outcomes. Utilizing intimate working relationships within its national and home media markets, the digital PR agency is famous for game-changing campaigns that position customers at the top of their field.

Social Media Management:

As a top PR digital marketing agency in Chennai, we create integrated and strong social media techniques for customers in different fields. We help our customers involve their brands with online media buzz, which leads to the generation of significant associations with their target audience.


  1. Family, Kids, and Fun: As a millennial PR and social media agency, Birth Marque has a proven history of connecting brands with the biggest age of shoppers to date. Regardless of whether working with exemplary toy brands looking for recovery or recently established items, Birth Marque can flawlessly use guerrilla efforts, innovative techniques, and focus on media exposure to create effective successful crusades that produce gigantic coverage, awareness, and brand loyalty. Birth Marque, the digital PR consultant is composed of super-specialized media, creative, and account heads, who coordinate to ensure coverage in the national and local broadcast segments, online and print media, and web-based media.
  2. Entertainment: Within the media industry, Birth Marque has carried out effective campaigns for independent movies, prominent studios, radio broadcasters, sought-after creators, well-known music consultants, global associations, Fashion Week designers, and accolade-winning items, earning it an image as one of the best PR and digital marketing agencies in Chennai. Executing more than just conventional Public Relations methodologies, Birth Marque offers customers an additional edge by including brand counseling, innovative direction, copywriting, social media marketing, advertising, and more in its missions.
  3. Beauty and Health: One of the most conspicuous departments at Birth Marque is its health, beauty, organic, and natural division. Functioning with both eminent product icons and lines in the stream, this public relations company has garnered trusted working associations with public journalists, editors, and TV producers inside the beauty, lifestyle, and consumer media markets. The digital PR agency's devoted executives set up regular one-on-one deskside gatherings with key contacts at top-level publications. Also, Birth Marque works closely with well-known deal sites.
  4. Beverage and Food: Birth Marque has had estimated accomplishment with both up-and-coming and established beverage & food organizations. Regardless of whether with the expectation to reignite, reinvent, or launch a brand to the next level, our PR digital marketing agency's seasoned group is consistently utilizing its close contacts at publications as well as famous TV networks in the stream. Furthermore, Birth Marque may facilitate and curate associations with exclusive virtual deal websites.
  5. Innovation: The professional team at our digital public relations agency in Chennai realizes that public relations and innovation are a vital part of exploring the ever-changing and sophisticated virtual marketplace. Birth Marque PR and social media agency are an organization that has a proven history and can create successful results for your tech-based organization.
  6. Legal and Business: From monetary institutions to world-famous legitimate firms to real-estate magnates, Birth Marque has executed a highly effective and unique successful methodology for creating a good buzz for its professional customers. In addition to making sure about sufficient press coverage, offering 360° social media management, and inventive direction, the best PR agency in Chennai is known for its unique capability to help customers engage and connect with a bigger demographic. Using its robust broadcast contacts and articles, Birth Marque targets result-oriented campaigns to take customer's businesses and administrations to the following level.
  7. Medical: Internationally recognized medical pioneers and surgeons work with Birth Marque to create a successful buzz for their training. Campaigns made by our digital PR agency got featured on hit TV networks, in public conferences, and placed as main stories in numerous medical journals. Strategically utilizing a deliberately balanced mix of social media, media outreach, and innovative advertising, Birth Marque has earned its image as one of the top 10 PR agencies in Chennai in the medical field.


While examining the stream of public relations, it is essential to initially comprehend distinct contrasts among marketing and public relations. While marketing is equipped towards the dynamic advertisement and sale of a product, digital PR services have to do with building a reputation for an individual or organization. Any sort of media coverage on the brand will portray its image, and this is fundamental to the stream of Public Relations.

As one of the best PR agencies in Chennai, Birth Marque has got great experience in the field, which is enough for any company to build an appealing reputation. While perspectives differ on what is attractive, Birth Marque has the exceptional capacity to discover the most minimized common denominator. This is amazingly significant in the field of Public Relations, as it guarantees our customers will consistently have their best foot forward, and gaining trust as one of the top 10 PR agencies in Chennai. Once this is set up, we can use our laundry rundown of media contacts to earn the coverage that is important in building an ideal perspective in the public eye.

Our media connections have been developed and fostered over a long period of time and are the result of the dedication and persistence that Birth Marque puts into all of its endeavors. As a top digital public relations agency, we have retained these media contacts since they trust us to furnish them with newsworthy substance. When an organization experiences our PR and social media agency services, all the big media players are extremely glad to offer coverage.


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