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They state that the world is presently in our hands and the data is readily available. There are no doubts regarding that. The world of the web is phenomenal. It keeps on changing how we share data, connect with individuals, and maintain a quality lifestyle.

Many individuals invest most of their effort and time on the web. This could be for utilizing a service, purchasing an item, engaging themselves, reading an article, or for numerous other reasons.

Considering the time individuals invest on the web, organizations also have moved on the web. Having a site for entrepreneurs created by one of the website designing companies of any size has become pivotal. If you are into an industry and don't possess a site, you may be losing a ton of potential clients on the web. Knowing the significance of a site is vital to develop your business with numerous folds.


Website design is the procedure toward conceptualizing, planning, and arranging content proposed for the Web. Contemporary website design goes past what things look like (aesthetics) to incorporate how things function (usefulness). Website design is not restricted to sites as it incorporates different utilizations, for example, mobile application development, iOS & Android app development, and website applications.

Birth Marque is one of the best web development companies in Chennai offering smooth and user-friendly website designs. As is apparent in our profile, Birth Marque has helped various prominent organizations as well as small scale businesses in improving an innovative competitive edge with website and mobile app development that are fit to their business requirements. From websites of the market leaders to start-ups; we have done everything!


Established as the industry's best website design and marketing company in Chennai, Birth Marque delivers high-quality solutions to every client. Our website development and mobile application solutions include better client engagement, speed, sky-scraping efficiency, and income maximization. This is because Birth Marque is an overall website design agency providing comprehensive services– from consultation to deployment, solution integration, and market launch.

Companies opting for the Birth Marque- the best web development company in Chennai, are well-aware that their final deliverable will be a supreme-performing, virtually radical services.

What Birth Marque’s offer:

  • ● Front End (UX & UI)
  • ● Consultation
  • ● Back End (Cross-Platform/Native Development)
  • ● Market launch
  • ● Testing (Quality Assurance)


There are various blogs over the internet that talk about numerous website design styles, for example, static, fixed, fluid, and many more. Although, web design has consistently evolved over the past years. There are 2 different and prominent ways to design a site with contemporary tools: responsive and adaptive website design.

  1. Adaptive Website Design: It utilizes various renditions of a site tailored for a couple of screen sizes. Adaptive sites might be split into 2 classifications relying upon the version to be shown.
  2. Adapts relying upon the type of device: When interfacing with a site, the program, likewise called the customer, utilizes the HTTP request and transfers a document known as the client agent. The document has data about the device endeavouring to see the particular webpage and it loads this data to the server.

    Utilizing this data, the website knows the website rendition to exhibit, and presently, it is either a desktop or mobile version. Web developers and designers adopt additional alerts with this technique to evade the webpage adapt only to a specific gadget. At times if you shrivel the program window on the desktop, the webpage fails to adapt as it keeps demonstrating the full version.

  3. Adapts relying upon the width of the program: In this sort of adaptive site, the site does not utilize the "client agent". All things considered, it utilizes media queries and breakpoints to empower it to switch between renditions. This implies there is no mobile, desktop, or tablet version, and all things considered, you have 768p, 1080p, and 480p renditions.


Being one of the best website designing companies, Birth Marque provides creative website development and designing services in the nation and around the globe. We have proficient developers and designers to satisfy all your needs. As a leading website design and marketing company, our staff is highly-skilled, hard-working attitude, and experience represents all alone and is proud to support clients of all concerns and dimensions.

Birth Marque website design services incorporate custom website design, responsive web design, ios and android app development, PSD to Html, Ecommerce Web Development, WordPress Development, Online Marketing, and many more. Birth Marque develops SEO friendly and responsive sites that generate more leads.

Every success story begins with an awesome site, that’s what we do too. Being the best website design company in Chennai, Birth Marque has recruited the supreme quality team to create newly made designs to provide an additional edge to your company that opens up opportunities for you. Designing an extraordinary site requires innovative concepts, ideas, and skills and we have it both that converts your dream into virtual reality.


As the best web development company in Chennai, our devoted team is prompt and always fulfils the course of events to convey the undertakings. At Birth Marque, you get the best quality contemporary designs for your site. Birth Marque does not let the client sit back and observe whatever is going on! We, investigate, counsel, and make sure every step before performing it finally. In case there is any loophole that needs attention, we quickly notify it to the client and wait tight for their reaction. We function in an intuitive, open, and simple way, forming a robust interaction relationship between the customer and company.

The customers benefit from our 24/7 specialized assistance. All you need to do is simply make a call to us and we are close to you for assistance. You can connect with the friendly client care support group as they are all set to help you in the case of confusion. Share your necessities with Birth Marque and we will satisfy all your requirements.


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